This is the homepage of KPGsql, a KDE- lookalike postgres-frontend. On this homepage you may find information about the current version or see screenshots from my desktop.

What is KPGsql?

KPGsql is a frontend for the database system postgresql. It may be used to get a better output from postgres than psql. You may also send SQL-specific queries direct to the postgres backend (also over the net). As result you will get a well-formatted result-table in a QT-Widget. This table is (at this time) only viewable. No changes could be made to the values. A further benefit is the SQL-Export/Import-Option. With this functionality you may export and import files in sql-style.

What do I need to run KPGsql?

It is based on QT-1.33, KDE Beta4 and postgresql-6.3.2 (probably it may work with postgresql less than 6.3.2).
To compile KPGsql you will need these libraries additionally to KPGsql.

What is the latest version?

The latest version is 0.0.8

Where are the sources?

The sources are available from [here].

Is a binary-release available?

Yes, it is available from [here]


If you can`t connect, use instead.

Stop bothering me! I want to see screenshots!

Screenshots are available at the screenshot-page. They show different results in KPGsql.