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So, you are one of those flyboys who love two explore new sceneries with STYLE ! Yup, me, too. So there you go. Here you'll find a fine collection of reconnaissance aircraft for Microsoft's Flight Simulator.

Before we begin here's a short glossary of used abreviations:

RECCE : military lingo for reconnaissance. Here used for reconnaissance aircraft which don't fit in any special section here. "Lemme see !"

FAC : Forward Air Controller. Slow 'n' low flyin' observation aircraft, mostly props. Those birds keep contact to isolated ground forces and direct fast attack planes to hard-to-see targets on the ground. "Lemme see before BANG !"

PHOTO RECON :PHOTO RECONnaissance aircraft. Fast 'n' dirty flyin' aircraft with a lot of cameras, mostly rebuilt fighters. Often used for "Bomb Damage Assesment" (BDA), i.e. proving how successful bomb raids actually were. "Lemme see after BANG !"

AWACS : Airborne Warning And Control System. Radar and sensor packed heavies which observe and control the operational airspace. "Lemme see all !"

MP : Maritime Patrol aircraft. Sensor packed, very looooong range naval patrol aircraft, mostly turboprops. Beside radar these aircraft are additionally equipped for "Anti-Submarine Warfare" (ASW), including sonar buoys. "I can hear you !"

Back to business...here they are :
RECCE  (5)
Misc. Reconnaissance Aircraft
Photo Reconnaissance Aircraft
(5)  FAC 
Forward Air Contoller 
(3)  AWACS 
Airborne Warning and Control System 
(5)  MP 
Maritime Patrol Aircraft 

If you think that I dumb guy have forgotten a recon plane important to understand world history don't hesitate to email me. Also if you know about the whereabouts of below mentioned aircraft throw me a mail. Here again the badly needed planes:

                  1. Dassault-Breguet Mirage III R
                  2. Dassault-Breguet Mirage F-1CR
                  3. Sepecat Jaguar (recon)
                  4. Lockheed RF-104G Starfighter
                  5. Breguet Atlantique 1
                  6. Ilyushin Il-76 "Mainstay"
And here's my adress:

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